Northwest Lock & Supply

We have a limited number of rare keys that are not listed in our normal inventory. They are a mixture of older foreign cars, motorcycles, scooters, european locks and miscellaneous. The key blanks are mostly Taylor, with some Dominion, Errebi, Ilco, Orion and Silca also. They are being sold in bags of 5 for the price of $18.00. Most of these keys are no longer available. To order you will need to call or email us with your request as they are not listed in our normal inventory. We have tried to identify them the best we could, but some are no longer listed in any key catalogs. Errebi and Silca keys ending in a P are black plastic head key blanks.

Dominion 61J Fiat
Dominion 61SB British/Vauxhall
Dominion 63B Borgward/Isetta
Dominion 63F Borgward/LKW
Dominion 70C Ronis
Dominion IG1 Ingersoll
Dominion R62PF Opel
Errebi GB6AP Alfa Romeo/Lancia HS S10LAAP
Errebi PE1P BMW HS
Errebi DT9P Datsun/Subaru X124
Errebi FK1P Datsun X115
Errebi FK1RP Datsun X114
Errebi SP19P Fiat X109
Errebi NE23P Austin/Honda X51
Errebi YMHFP Mercedes M79U
Errebi YMNFP Mercedes M81X
Errebi YMNYP Mercedes YM24
Errebi HF40P Mercedes HS S49HF-P
Errebi NE37P Renault X92
Errebi TY16RP Toyota T81B
Errebi NE31P Volvo X30
Ilco 61G Alfa Romeo/Fiat
Ilco 62VO BMW/DKW/Opel/VW/Volvo
Ilco ID1 Willen
Ilco A190 Alpha-Japan
Ilco BR14 British Leyland
Ilco EX1 Excel
Ilco M63B Mercedes
Ilco MB1
Ilco OP61 Opel

Ilco R63E DKW/Taunus
Ilco R63K Lancia/Mercedes
Ilco RN3 Ronis
Ilco RN91S Phone
Ilco SB4 Saab
Ilco TS1R ?
Ilco Z4 Gas Cap
Ilco ZKN1 Zeiss-Ikon
Orion AR1A Alfa Romeo
Orion AR3A Alfa Romeo
Orion MA14 Mazda
Silca HEA1R Head
Silca NE9A Mercedes
Silca SIP13P Innocenti
Silca UNI2 Union
Silca UNI19R British/MG
Silca VAC12 Peugeot
Taylor 62B Wolseley-Union
Taylor 62DF Ford/Saab
Taylor 62DP Union
Taylor 62DJ Jaguar
Taylor 62RS Ronis/Simca
Taylor 63 Lloyd/Viking
Taylor 63B Borgward/Mercedes/Porsche
Taylor 63L Opel
Taylor 63V Vespa
Taylor 64F Lambretta
Taylor 64LB Lambretta
Taylor 64S Fiat
Taylor 65C Skoda
Taylor 65DL Anglia/Consul/Ford/Union
Taylor 65E ?

Taylor 65H ?
Taylor 65WX ?
Taylor 65ZL Lancia
Taylor B74P Bridgestone Cycle
Taylor C74S ?
Taylor D67R DKW
Taylor D68A Daihatsu
Taylor E73S Citroen/Peugeot/Renault
Taylor F67X ?
Taylor H71S Honda
Taylor J66M Jawa Cycle
Taylor J70P Skoda
Taylor L67U Lloyd
Taylor L67V Lloyd
Taylor L69M Lambretta
Taylor L70M Lambretta
Taylor M66F ?
Taylor P64E Panhard
Taylor P70C NSU-Prinz
Taylor R62P Simca
Taylor R63R Fiat/Moretti/NSU-Prinz
Taylor R64F Lambretta
Taylor R64LB Fiat/Lambretta
Taylor R81F Rover
Taylor S67G Skoda
Taylor S74A ?
Taylor V67B VW
Taylor W67Y Wartburg
Taylor W67Z Wartburg
Taylor Y71 Union
Taylor Y73Y Yamaha
Taylor Y76A Yamaha